Free Crochet Patterns

Free Crochet Patterns is a one stop site for all knitters and crocheters. We have thousands of crochet for you, for your next project.
We are asking all knitters and crocheters, take a few minutes to unwind yourself with our free crochet patterns and knitting patterns and find inspiration for your next knit or crochet project.
Are you looking to create a crochet for yourself or for your loved ones?
You can choose from thousands of free crochet and knitting patterns which range from throws, accessories, baby blankets, clothing and home decoration. You can browse our patterns by category on the right.
Consider starting with free crochet patterns because so many of these items make great gifts.
Don’t worry if you are new to this, we have a range of patterns and projects which range from the easy to the not so easy so you can be sure to build up your experience and confidence in creating some fantastic items.
Use your time to create something beautiful! If You have the imagination and we have the free crochet patterns.