Crochet brown rug

Easy crochet rug patterns free

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  1. What type of yarn is used for the rug, and how much yarn is needed? Is the center different on the second diagram giving you an option?

    • Cathie, did you ever get an answer to your question? I have the same questions. From studying diagrams and picture, it appears he/she used the top diagram for the center of the rug, and then used the second diagram to crochet around that. Were you or are you brave enough to try it with only this information? It is a spectacular rug.

  2. What brand (ply) is the yarn that you used and also the size of the crochet hook. It’s absolutely beautiful work.

  3. Has anyone gotten any answers to type and size of yarn & hook used for the pictured rug? Amount? I am assuming the creator used both diagrams (despite that they are in different languages and have little to no notes). One was the inner portion, the other the outer portion. That is very vague. The one diagram has a size for that rug, but no idea what yarn or hook was used to obtain that size. Has anyone found a link to additional info?

  4. There are no materials listed. Size of hook, weight and type of yarn, and no written pattern. Could that information please be provided. It is a beautiful rug and I would love to make it but important information is left out.

  5. Is there a written pattern for this in English? I am having difficulty translating what little instructions there is. Also, what size yarn and hook is needed.

  6. After close study of the photo and diagrams, I have come to the following conclusions:
    1) Yarn is worsted weight 4-ply.
    2) Diagram 1 is the center of the rug, diagram 2 is the outside portion.
    3) I assume that the hook used is either J or K.
    4) The pattern is worked from the center out with slip stitch joins at the end of each round.

  7. This is very pretty, and I would love to make it, could someone get what yarn was used and size needle needed to make it……

  8. I would like this pattern written in English and know what worsted weight yarn was used plus a size on the hook was used ??? A reply back from someone would be nice .

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